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后续教育在线网络平台(online CPD)

后续教育在线网络平台(online CPD)

In response to the growing demand for online learning, we are delighted to launch a new online CPD platform for our members and affiliates. The aim of this platform is to provide quality, easy to use, and flexible CPD support to meet members’ needs in professional development.

ACCA has the pleasure to bring you this new platform in collaboration with three experienced training providers:

Shanghai National Accounting Institute 
The Open University of Hong Kong 

为满足日益增长的网络学习需求,我们很高兴向您推荐最新推出的后续教育在线网络平台(online CPD)。此网络平台旨在提供高质量、简便和灵活的学习方式,以支持ACCA会员及准会员的职业发展。



Former Prime Minister Zhu Rongji encouraged the establishment of the Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI). Directly affiliated to the Ministry of Finance, SNAI serves as a national training base to provide continued education for senior economic and management talents, such as corporate senior executives, chief accountants, finance directors and certified public accountants. The Distance Education Network of SNAI is a key finance and economic website that was constructed by the Ministry of Finance. It offers online training to 300,000 students per year, covering the fields of accounting, tax, finance, and auditing. With more than 300 sanctioned courses with independent intellectual property rights, the Distance Education Network aims to provide a high quality, multi-leveled, and multi-platformed online education for finance professionals.

To meet the CPD needs of ACCA members, the Distance Education Network established an ACCA online learning platform offering a selection of 100 high-quality courses. Members can use their ACCA ID with the initial password "000000" to access their account.

A discount rate offers to ACCA members at RMB480 for 20-30 hours of study and complimentary access to SNAI’s online legal database containing nearly 100,000 of the latest laws and regulations.

To enrol and obtain more details of courses, please click here, call 400-700-1200 ext. 1 or email:


上海国家会计学院由前总理朱镕基亲自倡导建立,为财政部直属事业单位。作为国家级的人才培训基地,学院主要 从事针对企业高管、总会计师、财务总监以及注册会计师等高级经济管理人才的继续教育。学院所属的上海国家会计学院远程教育网是财政部重点建设的财经网站, 年培训三十万人次,内容涵盖会计、税务、金融、审计等领域,网站拥有三百多门自主知识产权的权威课程,为广大财经人员提供高质量、多层次、多形式的远程教 育培训。



咨询及报名查询,请点击这里,致电400-700-1200 分机1或电邮。


The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) is a financially independent university set up in 1989 by the Hong Kong government. As a self-financing public institution under the aegis of the HKSAR Government’s Education Bureau, the university’s degrees and other qualifications are equal to those awarded by all other Hong Kong Government-established universities. The Centre for eLearning at the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) strives to provide a reliable, high quality, easily accessible, and user-friendly online platform where education and professional training providers can offer programmes and courses, which meet the CPD needs of target participants.

The OUHK offers courses and modules for ACCA members and affiliates for continuing professional development purposes, which are derived from the courses in the Master of Law (LLM) in Chinese Business Law, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Professional Accounting programmes. The courses are offered as credit bearing or non-credit bearing, and the modules are non-credit bearing.


Credit bearing single courses
Single courses are designed for people who are interested in a particular subject area or a number of subject areas but do not wish to complete a whole programme. The tuition fee for a five-credit course with 150 study hours is HK$6,625 and a ten-credit course with 300 study hours is HK$13,250. Effective from the October 2012 semester, the tuition fee will be adjusted to HK$6,825 for a five-credit course and HK$13,650 for a ten-credit course.

Non-credit bearing single courses
Learners can also choose to study non-credit bearing single courses to enhance their knowledge in a specific area in which they are interested. The tuition fee for a semester course (100 study hours) is HK$3,410 and a year course (200 study hours) is HK$6,820. (A 15% discount applies to all non-credit bearing courses for ACCA members and affiliates.)

Non-credit bearing modules
The modules are adopted from their related single courses. Hence, learners can concentrate on studying the specific areas that relate to their careers. The tuition fee for a module with 20 study hours is HK$700. (A 15% discount applies to all non-credit bearing modules for ACCA members and affiliates.)

To enrol and obtain more details of courses, please click here or you could contact (852) 2768 6960 or (852) 2768 6940 for further enquiries.


香港公开大学于1989年由香港政府创立,是香港特别行政区政府教育统筹局辖下的公营机构,财政独立。本大学的学位与香港其他接受政府资助的大学所 颁学位具同等地位和认受性,在本港和海外均获广泛认可。香港公开大学网上教学中心致力提供一个优质及易于操作的平台,以便各教学及专业培训机构,为有志进 修的人士提供网上学习课程,以满足他们对持续专业进修的需要。

香港公开大学為ACCA 会员及准会员的持续专业发展,而從中国商法法律硕士(商业应用)工商管理硕士及专业会计硕士课程的學科中,發展出一系列含学分学科、不含学分学科和不含学分专题科目,供ACCA 会员及准会员修讀。


含学分学科是为那些对个别学科范畴有兴趣但不想完成整个学位或非学位课程的人士而设。每门5学分的含学分学科学费 (150课学时)为港币$6,625;每门10学分的含学分学科学费 (300课学时)为港币$13,250港元。从2012年10月起,每门5学分学科的学费将调整至港币$6,825;每门10学分学科的学费将调整至港 币$13,650港元。

学生习人士也可以选择修读不含学分学科,提高他们对特定感兴趣区域的知识。修读期为6个月的不含学分学科学费(100学时)为港币$3,410,而修读期为12个月的不含学分学科学费 (200学时) 为港币$6,820。(ACCA会员及准会员可获85折优惠)

学生习人士也可以选择修读不含学分专题科目,这些专题科目均取于相关的学科。每个专题科目所需的学习时间少 于含学分及不含学分的学科。因此,学生习人士可以集中研究与他们职业相关的的领域。每个专题科目的学费(20学时)为港币$700。(ACCA会员及准会 员可获85折优惠)

咨询及报名查询,敬请点击这里 ,致电(852) 2768 6960 或(852) 2768 6940。


EasyFinance Management Consulting Co. Ltd. focuses on the distribution of financial management knowledge and is committed to helping corporations and individuals achieve success bypromoting financial management competence. Characterized by offering professional courses and excellent service, EasyFinance has earned the trust of its clients andestablished itself as a leader in China’s training industry. Through public seminars, in-house training, and intellectual gatherings, EasyFinance penetrates the field of finance at its core, fits the practical needs of enterprises, andprovides innovative, highly effective, and personalized solutions. They are thus enabled to integrate advanced international finance management concepts with the real issues facing Chinese domestic corporations.

In order to become a well-rounded and highly effective finance manager, one must have a comprehensive professional knowledge and professional management capabilities. To achieve these goals, Financial Studio holds seminars ten times per year that cover the core areas of financial operationsand are conducted by renowned financial directors and experts. At the seminars, these directors and experts will share their hands-on experience and analyze their career development. Financial Studio provides a series of training opportunities to improvefinance team management’s abilities and multi-dimensional communication skills. Financial Studio helps financial professionals to enhance the management capabilities in well-rounded way.


RMB 3,980 per year/ten sessions 
(Exclusive discount for ACCA members: RMB 3,700 per year/ten sessions)

To enrol and obtain more details of courses, please click here, contact ACCA Member Services Hotline: +86 21 58362000 ext. 898 oremail: 


安越专注于企业财务管理知识的传播,致力于帮助企业及个人提升成功所必备的财务管理能力。凭借全面的财务知识体系和优质的服务,安越赢得了客户的信 赖,领跑于中国财务培训业。通过公开课、内训、沙龙等多种形式,安越深入财务核心、贴近企业实际需求,提供创新的、高效的、个性化解决方案,实现了本地管 理实践与先进的财务管理理念上的无缝对接。

要想成为一名全面、高效的财务管理者,必须具备全面的专业素养和娴熟的管理能力。以此为着眼点,安越推出一年十期的"财务直播间"在线视频活动,这 个节目涵盖了财务工作几大核心领域,由知名企业财务总监及业内财务专家精心准备,分享实战经验,剖析成长轨迹,同时系统进行财务团队管理与多维度沟通能力 的训练,全面提升财务人管理能力,帮助财务人成为能够独当一面乃至统管全局的财务管理者。

每年人民币3,980元 /十期 

咨询及报名查询,请点击这里,致电ACCA会员服务热线:+86-21-58362000 分机 898或电邮 is ACCA official authorized CPD course provider, ACCA member can complete CPD training by simple access ACCA online CPD learning platform. CPD online course taught by industry leading expert and offer vary of courses which are derived from the courses in audit ,taxation accounting practice and accounting standard. ACCA members can complete simply access ACCA online CPD learning platform following five steps (login ,select course ,study ,complete CPD hour and save certificate ) to complete annual CPD training. launched in 2001 has become the most authoritative and specialized accounting website in China and one of the first and foremost prestigious brands within CDEL. It operates under the guidelines of UNESCO’s International Project on Technical and Vocational Education (UNEVOC ), providing high quality content and courses, superior services supported by proprietary multiple online learning platforms to millions of our students. We provide the following accounting-related courses:


  • Accounting Professional Qualification Examinati

  • Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced Accounting Professional Qualification Examination

  • CPA Qualification Examination

  • Registered Tax Agent Qualification Examination

  • Certified Asset Appraiser Examination

  • Continuing Education for Accounting Personnel


CPD course package 450 RMB per person per year , 40HR course .CPD online platform click here. Contact number 400 650 9000 for further enquiries .







套餐价格450元,可选40课时课程, 继续教育页面点击这里。详情可咨询中华会计网校国际客服专线 400 650 9000

Disclaimer: ACCA works with partners to provide access to a wide range of learning. ACCA does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in learning material and in no circumstances shall ACCA be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on it.



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