[更新 3月4日]关于3月考季常见问题解答


Updated 4 March 2020

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, all ACCA exams in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, South Korea, Milan, Mongolia, Macau SAR and Kuwait for the March 2020 exam session have been cancelled.

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been created to address students’ most common queries.


1. Why have all ACCA exams in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, South Korea, Milan, Mongolia, Kuwait and Macau SAR for the March session been cancelled?

The March 2020 exams have been cancelled in these areas as a direct result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and ongoing impact. This decision has been made based on extensive discussions with our exam delivery partners and guidance by the local government.


2. Why has this decision been taken now?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has reached a stage whereby it is no longer possible to deliver March exams safely in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR.

We always strive to hold exam sittings where possible but based on extensive discussions with our exam delivery partners and governmental guidance the March exams in these areas have been cancelled. Making the decision now provides students with a clear message and allows them to alter their plans and studies accordingly.


3. Is it possible this decision may be reversed prior to exam week if the situation improves?

No. Now the decision has been made to cancel the exam session, this decision will not be overturned. Even if the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation significantly and unexpectedly improves, the cancellation remains a final decision.


4. If universities and institutes holding exams are open by the first day of exams (2 March), can the exam still go ahead?

No, the decision to cancel all March 2020 session-based exams in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR is final.


5. Can the March session be rescheduled to take place in April or May if the virus is contained?

No. Due to the nature and complexity of operating the exams, ACCA is not able to reschedule any session-based exams. It is therefore not possible to reschedule March exams as a result of the current situation caused by the virus.

The next exam session will be held between 1-5 June 2020.


6. Do students need to take any action to withdraw their March exam booking(s)?

No. ACCA has already removed all March 2020 exam bookings for affected students, and credited myACCA accounts with the exam fee accordingly.


7. Will students receive an exam fee credit for their March exam(s)?

Yes. All March 2020 exam fees paid by students due to sit in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR will be returned in full due to the session cancellation as a result of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).


8. How and when will this credit be issued?

All credits will be issued to student accounts unless the exam fee was paid for by an employer, in which case it would be returned to the employer directly.

All credits have now been processed. If students have further queries regarding their March exam entry or credit, please contact us.  


9. When will students know the March 2020 credit has been issued?

All credits have now been processed.

Students should receive a notification confirming their March 2020 exam booking(s) has been officially withdrawn and credit issued.


10. Can the exam fee credit be returned to student bank accounts instead of myACCA?

All credits will be issued to student myACCA accounts (where the student has paid for the exam).

Once this has been issued, if any student would prefer for the refund to be made to a bank account then please contact us.  


11. If there are overdue fees on student accounts not directly related to exams, will this affect the exam fee credit?

All exam fee credits will be returned to student accounts whereby the student has made the initial payment. This credit will be automatically allocated against any overdue invoices currently active on student accounts FAQ’s

In order to enter for future exams, all students should ensure overdue fees are paid in full as an exam entry cannot be made otherwise.


12. How will the cancelled exam session be recorded on students’ myACCA accounts?

Student records will clearly state that the March 2020 exam session was cancelled.


13. If a March withdrawal was previously sent to the Exams team, but not processed before the June early entry deadline (10 February), can students still be entered at the early rate?

Only students who entered for the March 2020 exam session during the early entry period will be able to enter at the early entry rate for the June 2020 session if they have missed the 10 February deadline.

Students in this category who are not yet entered for June and would like to be, should enter via the Exam Planner during the standard period as normal. Following this, ACCA will credit student accounts within 7 working days for the price difference between the early and standard period.


14. What if students entered the June session for a Strategic Professional exam at the early rate, but this entry has now been removed as part of the March exam withdrawals and the June early deadline has passed?

Similar to the above, all students who entered for a Strategic Professional exam at the June 2020 exam session during the early entry period and have now had this entry removed due to the progression rules, will be able to enter at the early entry rate for the Strategic Professional exam at the June 2020 session again.

Students in this category who are not yet entered for June and would like to be, should enter via the Exam Planner during the standard period as normal. Following this, ACCA will credit student accounts within 7 working days for the price difference between the early and standard period.


15. The decision to cancel March exams was made after the June 2020 early entry deadline had passed…can students be given a further opportunity to enter at the June early prices?

See above.


16. Will ACCA automatically re-enter students for the same exam in June?

No. Students should enter for a future exam session via the Exam Planner prior to the applicable deadline for the session of their choice. FAQ’s

17. Will there be an increase in exam centre capacity for the June session given the expected rise in entries following the March cancellation?

We are currently working with our partners to assess the impact of the March cancellation on the June session in order that we can secure additional capacity where it is possible to do so.


18. Whilst trying to book a June exam, students are finding some centres already full. Can additional capacity be added to those centres already fully booked?

We are closely monitoring the capacity situation for the June session and are in the process of sourcing additional space where we can. Priority is being given to those centres already at maximum capacity.

We are trying to add extra seats as quickly as possible however a number of exam venues are still not operating as normal due to the ongoing effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, so this may take time. Students are encouraged to keep checking the exam planner to see if more seats have been added at previously full centres.


19. Will the June 2020 standard entry deadline be extended due to the impact of the cancelled March session and on-demand CBE exams?

No. The June standard entry deadline will remain Monday 27 April, with the late entry deadline on 4 May 2020.


20. If a student’s June exam entry for a Strategic Professional exam was dependent on a March entry for an Applied Skills exam, how will the June entry be affected now the March exam has not been sat?

Any students in this scenario will have their June Strategic Professional exam automatically withdrawn as part of the progression rules. They will be required to re-enter for both the Applied Skills exam and Strategic Professional exam in June to abide by the current progression rules.


21. For those students affected by the 7-year rule for March 2020 and June 2020, will their expiring pass be given an extension?

Yes. Any students who are affected will be given an extension until the December 2020 exam session.

There is no need for students to take any further action to confirm the extension which has already been applied to student accounts. 

Any further queries from students on this matter should be sent via email to examsoperationsservices@accaglobal.com


22. What if there is a change in syllabus for my exam between the March and June session?

Students should ensure they remain aware of the syllabus related to the exam and exam session they are entered for, and study accordingly.

More information on the syllabus of each individual exam can be found via the following link:


As for TX-UK, students should ensure they study in respect to the updated exam content which will be based on the Finance Act 2019 (March 2020 session is based on the Finance Act 2018).  Specifically, students should refer to the syllabus and study guide for June 2020 to March 2021 as well as the Finance Act 2019 article.


Please refer to the following links for the “syllabus & study guide” , “examinable documents” and technical article – Finance Act 2019” for the United Kingdom (UK):




ACCA will provide further support and guidance to both tutors and students to prepare TX-UK for June 2020 as soon as possible.


23. Does this cancellation include on-demand CBE exams as well?

On-demand CBE exams have been disrupted across the different areas in various ways.

Mainland China

All on-demand operations at the British Council and ZBG have been suspended for February and March. Golden Finance have suspended operations for March and April.

Hong Kong SAR

Centres have suspended February operations but are taking exam bookings for later in March.

Macau SAR 

On-demand exams have been cancelled for February.

ACCA is monitoring the virus situation very closely in conjunction with our partners and local agencies. Students should contact on-demand centres directly for availability regarding on-demand exams but remain aware the centre may be temporarily closed due to the virus.


24. How do students arrange on-demand CBE exam fee refunds?

All students due to sit an on-demand CBE exam which has now been cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) should contact the on-demand centre directly to arrange a refund.


25. Is the June exam session going ahead?

Yes. ACCA will continue to be guided by the advice from the local government and our exam delivery partners for exams beyond March, but at this stage it is expected the June session will go ahead as planned.


26. Who should students contact for further information?

If you have any further enquiries or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact ACCA Connect on:

ACCA Connect in UK                    +44 141 582 2000

ACCA Connect in China (hotline service restored from 9 March)     

                                                              +40 0833 3338

ACCA Hong Kong                           +852 2524 4988

ACCA Macau                                    +853 8294 6708

Alternatively, students may prefer to submit a query via the Contact us form of the ACCA website







1. 为何这些国家(地区)3月的ACCA考试会被全部取消,包括:中国内地,中国香港特别行政区,中国澳门特别行政区,韩国,米兰,蒙古,科威特。


2. 为何现在才做出此决定?


我们一直努力在可进行的地方举行考试,但在与我们的考试合作伙伴进行广泛讨论并依据中国政府的建议,ACCA 3月份在中国内地,香港特别行政区及澳门特别行政区举行的考试将被取消。做出此决定旨在给学员一个明确的信息,便于您对于自己的计划和学习作出相应的调整。

3. 如果情况有所改善,是否有可能在考试那周之前更改这个决定?


4. 如果举行考试的大学和机构在考试的第一天(3月2日)开放,考试还会继续进行吗?

不会,取消ACCA 2020年3月中国内地,香港特别行政区和澳门特别行政区所有考试是最终决定。

5. 如果疫情得到控制,3月份的考试会否重新安排在4月或5月举行?



6. 学员是否需要自行申请取消3月的考试?


7. 学员将会收到3月考试费用的退款吗


8. 退款将于何时以何种方式退还?



9. 学员何时能知道已经安排退款?



10. 是否可以将考试费用退还到学员的银行账户而不是myACCA?



11. 如果学员myACCA账户上有与考试无关的逾期未缴费用,是否会影响考试费用的退还?



12. 如何记录被取消的考试在学员中的考试记录?

我们的记录将清晰显示您的 2020 年 3 月份考试报名已被取消。

13. 如果取消3月考试的申请之前已发送到Exam Team邮箱,但没有在6月考试早报考截止日(2月10日)前处理,导致学员不能享受2020年6月考试的早报考价格(截止日期2月10日),学员是否还能以6月早报考价格报名考试?


对于还没报名6月考试但希望参加6月考试的学员,应该按照正常程序在标准报考阶段时间内通过Exam Planner进行报名。在此之后,ACCA会在7个工作日内将早期报考和标准报考之间的差额退还到学员的myACCA中。

14. 如果学员以早报价格报考了6月份的战略专业考试,但由于3月份考试被取消因此6月份的战略专业考试也随之被取消,而6月早报阶段的截止期已经过去,这种情况下学员该怎么办


对于还没报名6月考试但希望参加6月考试的学员,应该按照正常程序在标准报考阶段时间内通过Exam Planner进行报名。在此之后,ACCA会在7个工作日将早期报考和标准报考之间的差额退还到学员的myACCA中。

15. 取消3月考试的决定是在2020年6月早报考截止期过后才做出的……学员能否还有机会享受6月早报考价格来报名


对于还没报名6月考试但希望参加6月考试的学员,应该按照正常程序在标准报考阶段时间内通过Exam Planner进行报名。在此之后,ACCA会在7个工作日将早期报考和标准报考之间的差额退还到学员的myACCA中。

16. 学员是否被自动报名参加6月的考试?

不会,学员可以自行选择在下一考季的报考截止日期之前通过Exam Planner进行报名。

17. 鉴于3月份考试取消后预计报名6月考试的人数会增加,那么6月份考试的考位名额是否会相应增加?


18. 学员在报考6月考试时,发现部分考点的考位已经报满。那么是否会在那些已报满的考点增加额外的考位呢?


我们正尝试尽快增加额外的考位。但是由于COVID-19的持续影响,一些考场目前仍不能正常运营,因此这需要一些时间。我们鼓励学员不定期地到Exam Planner上查看之前报满的考点是否有更多的考位已增加。

19. 由于取消了3月份分季考试和随时机考中心考试,2020年6月的标准报名截止日期会被延长吗?


20. 如果一个学员要等3月应用技能考试完成后才能报考6月份的战略专业科目考试,那么由于现在还没参加3月份考试,6月份的考试将会受到什么影响


21. 对于战略专业阶段考试7年期限在2020年3月和2020年6月的学员,他们的有效期是否会被延期?

会的。任何受影响的学员其有效期将延长至 2020 年 12 月的考季。



22. 如果我的考试大纲在3月和6月之间有变化怎么办




关于英国税法,学员应确保学习 Finance Art 2019 (2020年3月考季适用的是Finance Art 2018)。具体而言,学员应参考2020年6月-2021年3月的“大纲和学习指南”,“考核文件”和“技术性文章-Finance Art 2019”的相关文件。






23. 随时机考中心的考试是否也被取消?









24. 学员如何申请随时机考考试费用退款


25. 6月考试是否会如期进行吗?


26. 如果学员有进一步询问怎么办?


ACCA Connect电话:00441415822000


ACCA 香港: 852 2524 4988

ACCA 澳门: 853 8294 6708

此外,学员还可以通过ACCA网站的Contact us提交查询。